Saturday, October 3, 2015

RAZ Witch Legs

Here's a cute Halloween wreath we made showcasing the RAZ Witch Legs with Lime Green Spiderweb cute!

The legs are available at Trendy Tree!

H3416021 RAZ Witch Legs

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Night Before Christmas Posing Elves

This is one of my favorite RAZ mantel displays. The items are from the RAZ 2015 Night Before Christmas Collection.

Love the old fashioned Santa print above the mantel with it's twinkling lights and the way the Elves had been positioned to hold the embroidered ribbon. Such a neat way of displaying beautiful ribbon!
3302848 Set of 2 Elves
 These elves are very bright and cheery and have smiling friendly faces. Sometimes elves can be a little downright scary! Kids will love these elves. But remember, they are for decoration only, they are not toys. Their arms and legs can be positioned so many different ways. They measure about 22" in length (from the toes to the tops of their hats). They are sold as sets of two at Trendy Tree.
R3571752 Naughty Nice Ribbon 
The Naughty Nice Ribbon is 2.5" in width and 10 yards in length. It is double sided (red and green) with Naughty on one side and Nice on the other. Wording ins embroidered and the edge is overcast in red. Very nice ribbon.

You can see more of the RAZ Night Before Christmas Collection at Trendy Tree!

Monday, September 14, 2015

RAZ 2015 Graphic Woodland Collection at Trendy Tree

Here's a quick video showcasing the whimsical decorations from the 2015 RAZ Graphic Woodland collection. These products are available for purchase at Trendy Tree.

RAZ Curly Garland

RAZ presented a new product for 2015, this bead encrusted curly garland. It is available in several colors and show in the white here. Pieces are 15 yards in length and it's made of plastic. Really adds a nice texture to your creations.

If you've ever wondered about those SKU numbers from RAZ anything that has a "G" in front of it means it's a garland. "H" means it's a Halloween decoration. "E" is an Easter product. "R" is for ribbon and "M" is for lighted branches.

In this next image, RAZ has used the curly garland in a mantel decoration.

The curly garland is just allowed to loop along thru some artificial spruce and pine sprays. Glittered snowflake garland or sprays in blue and white are tucked in.

This decorating idea would work with fresh greenery too and you would have such a wonderful scent.

3502315 RAZ Posable Elves 16"

These frosty white RAZ elves are holding pieces of the curly garland. The bright white and silver elves really stand out again the all green decorations. The green is a very realistic cedar and pine wreath and garland. The SKU for the wreath is W210827

Sunday, March 29, 2015

RAZ 2015 Fall Collection at Trendy Tree

 Here's a little sneak peek of some Autumn decorations coming to Trendy Tree. The video includes some special items from the RAZ Collection and we've added some additional images of these products below.


These adorable fall elves are one of my favorite things from the RAZ 2015 Fall Collection. Beautifully dressed in fall colors.

Look close, the elves are tucked into the wreath))



For more Autumn Decorating ideas, browse our Trendy Tree Autumn & Fall board on Pinterest!

Sneak Peek 2015 RAZ Night Before Christmas Collection at Trendy Tree

Here's a quick video with a sneak peek into the RAZ 2015 Night Before Christmas Collection put together by the guys at Trendy Tree.

For a closer look, we've added a few more images. This a great collection with lots of holiday whimsy)))

Classic style Santa with a bag of goodies on his back, Christmas stocking holder. Don't forget you can also use stocking holders for securing garland, ribbons and more if yo no longer have the need for Christmas stocking to fill.


Lighted Caroler Water Globes. These tabletop decorations are assorted and either have a family or a snowman family to choose from. Great item to use as a night light during the holidays. They operate on 3 AAA batteries.

Night Before Christmas Elves
These elves are one of my favorite items from the Night Before Christmas Collection with their red pajamas. Love the cheery faces on these elves too. And, they are posable.


These elves are holding the premium Naughty and Nice Ribbon. The ribbon is red and green on one side with Naughty embroidered on it, and green and red on the other with Nice embroidered on it.


This image shows the Merry Christmas banner made of paper used on an evergreen wreath. Easy way to spruce up your decorations for the holidays.


Santa's pants hanging on the mantel))) Lots of way to use this whimsical decoration. You could use it as a door hanger, on a wreath, hanging the the window, on your tree....lots of easy ways to decorate with this cute piece.

Monday, March 16, 2015

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